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May 23, 2011
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Epcot (part 2): World Showcase

Mexico wasn't anything entirely spectacular, in England's mind anyway. There was a fairly cozy looking restaurant over looking the lake in the center of the World Showcase, filled with enthusiastic park visitors and employees. Across from this restaurant was a large "Aztec Temple", colored tan with accents of reds, blues, purples, and greens. Upon entering this building, one found himself in a large marketplace. While walking around, America's heart became attached to a warm blue poncho.

"Check it, Artie!! Cool, huh?"

"More like very warm…"

After purchasing the item, England had to convince his American partner that it was much to hot to even think about wearing it around.

"I can deal!! If Russia can do it, why can't I?"

"DON'T- His name is Ivan. And I'm not entirely sure how he can do…many of the things he does. In any case, I'm sure you are not impervious to heat exhaustion. Now give me that vile thing, so I can put it away." Arthur pulled the offending article off of America's torso and stuffed it into his bag.

"Watch it Artie," America began while straightening his glasses and smirking slightly. "We agreed: no clothes off while at Disney."

"Bloddy- Just sod off, why don't you." England stormed towards the next area, trying to quell his mind and his blush.

England was so focused on power walking from America that he nearly ran into the large tavern-like building in front of him. The dark wood of the establishment was surrounded by small hills of grass and bushes. England could hear rustic music being played from inside.

"Norway!" America explained as they walked on. They turned a corner and England could see the particular statues and names of shops that indeed distinguished this place as 'Norway'.

"Artie, we have to ride that!!" The American guide pointed to the very end of the area, where a small waterfall and a cave could be seen. Above the cave read: 'Malestrom'. England rolled his eyes and gave in.

They travelled through barely a line, the only other people being a group of six or seven teenagers. They piled into a wooden boat and began their journey down the "river". America, with his youthful energy, was just about as hyper as the teens in front of them. Judging from the conversations England could catch, the group was part of a Marching Band that had travelled to Disney for their spring trip. A few of the girls were especially excited to be at Epcot, being "wanna-be history buffs". What that had to do with the countries NOW England couldn't decide before a group of trolls sent their vessel reeling careening backwards down the river, nearly sending them down the waterfall. Luckily for them, a kind tree spirit gave them a hand, and they soon were back at the entrance to the Nordic ride. England spied the teenagers moving towards the gift shop and quickly pulled his blabbing partner away.

"Aww, but I wanted to check out the Viking hats!"

"You can do that another time, Alfred, let's just keep going." America looked towards the gift shop, now occupied with the teens, two of which were posing with his Viking hats.

"…ok…" England quickly let out a sigh of relief as he pulled them away. Near the end of the ride, two of the girls had referenced to each other their similar cases of "Anglophilia" and England had no intention of speaking while around minors like THAT.

Soon the two blonds were nearly on the other side of the world. The Chinese scenery was relaxing  to say the least. England soon wasn't as riled up as he had been five minutes previous. To say that hearing of a sexual fetish revolving around his own culture did not affect the gentleman negatively, would be obscenely untrue. Luckily, now, he could simply enjoy the large garden and quiet music of this new showcase.

''Artie! Artie! Hang on a sec! I need to get pics of all the different Zodiac animals.'' England sighed as America ran to and fro around the garden, getting different shots of the statues of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. England left him alone for a moment, taking a quick break in the beautiful art building off the side of the garden. It was here that England noticed a woman, whom he recognized, but couldn't quite place. She wore her hair up with a green comb and her robes were a combination of pink, purple and blue.

''Mulan??'' England turned and saw his partner come bounding into the area towards the aforementioned woman. Of course, that was Mulan. it made sense considering which ''country'' they were currently visiting.

''Arthur will you get a picture of me with Mulan?'' America smiled sweetly and lightly conversed with the character about his favorite parts of her movie and how awesome she was ''to go off to war on her own and save all of freakin' China and stuff''. Arthur took the picture and politely regarded the woman in character.

''You sure you don't want a picture with her, Artie?'' America asked while they walked on past a Lion King themed shrubbery patch.

''I'm very sure, love, but thank you for asking.'' England smiled almost tenderly at the other blonde before noticing their newest surroundings. If one could not tell from the distinct building designs, shop signs, and the chocolaty merchandise in said shops, then the tall blonde women speaking to men shorter than them in a rough, yet somke what mystifying language was a dead givaway to thier location.

''I wonder what Ludwig would have to say to all this?''

''Wadduya mean?'' America responed shortly while looking at koo-koo clocks.

''I have a feeling our Germanic friend might have a few words to say about your representation of him. Especially the Adidas shop. Good lord, Alfred,  how big did you have to make that shop?'' England glanced towards the building with not only the Adidas logo but several other sporting titles.

''Hey! It is all part of the rest of the gift shop. It isn't that WHOLE building for crying out loud.''

They double backed in order to get a quick picture of the Snow White shrubbery, and to get Alfred his next sugar fix,  before continuing on.

The Roman style pillars topped with godlike visages, left nothing to the imagination on where the two had found themselves now. England stepped on to the ''dock''  and gazed out past the gondalas towards the water.

''Hey, Arthur. What are you waiting for dude?''

''Just taking a small break. You know Alfred, for being such a popular place, I am very surprised we haven't-''

''Vee¬¬ Germany look!''

''FELICIANO!! You know you cannot call me that!'' America and England turned and eyed the producers of the noise. The sight of the auburn haired Italian and the tenderly glaring German brought a  loud laugh from the American. The Brtion on the other hand covered his face with his hand and sighed.

''Howdy guys!! What are you guys doing here??''

''How good to see you Alfred! I love what you have done here.'' The Italian smiled his cheerful smile as he spread his arms wide, indicating the area they currently occupied.

''Sure thing Feli. I'm glad  ya like it. What did you think of 'Germany', Ludwig?'' The Aryan vision crossed his arms but nodded respectfully.

''Very good Alfred. I must say though...there were an awful lot of...clocks, were there not?'' Alfred laughed but Italy  responded.

''But Ludwig, the way you worked so hard on all those koo-koo clocks for big brother France-''

''Francis!'' England and Germany cut in.

''Francis. It makes sense, no?'' The group of four wandered around the area with Itlay leading the way, pointing out specific aspects he particularly enjoyed or new something about. He had to be dragged along every moment or two, since he periodically stopped in order to speak to girls, both the Italian emplyess and tourists alike. Soon though, they group came to the back side of the area where a small resturant was placed.

''OH!! Ludwig, could we have pasta please?'' Expecting this, Germany nodded and turned towards their travelling partners and their technacly host.

''We'll be heading in there for a while, I suppose. I suppose we should part our ways.''

''Ya we'll see you later, alrighty Feli?''

''Ve! Thank you for this lovely place Alfred!!'' America smiled and England thought he caught a small blushing radiating from his cheeks.

Continuing on, England couldn't help but notice a particular color combination he recognized very well.

''Alfred, where are we going now?''

''Ah, this isn't the best place in the park, but it is kinda awesome anyway, if you are intrested in national history and what not.'' The American smirked at his lover, who sighed as they moved closer towards ''The American Adventure''.

To be continued...

I am sorry for the long long wait!! I just got out for summer vacation and have to start thinking of my month long trip to Sweden that I'm taking in approx. 2 weeks ;D So I've been busy.

HOWEVER! I have this one done and I am already working on ch 6, which will finish out Epcot!

America and England (and Hetalia in general) belong to Himaruya <3

The preview art belongs to: [link]


Quick question. I have all my pictures from Disney World, including everywhere that America and England have gone/will go. So would anyone WANT me to post those so they have a better idea/know exactly what I'm talking about when I describe the areas?? Leave a comment!! :D
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MegaAnimeFreak7 Featured By Owner May 4, 2012  Student Writer
I need to catch up on this series. =_="
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The food at the Mexico area in Epcot is absolutely amazing, though not NEARLY as incredible as the Maracan (lol I spelt that wrong?) resteraunt. No words. Just amazing.
CrouchingAllosaurus Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012
The Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizarria in the Italian Pavillion makes probably the best pizza in all of the Disney Resorts. If you're ever out there, check it out.

Word of warning: what amount of people they say for a size of pizza is larger than you'd think it is. I.e, small pizza for 1-2 is more like for 3-4 people.
Eve-nightsong Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012
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